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About DBtek Solutions


DBtek Solutions was founded in 1996 by Don Kirouac and Bill Kizovski who have over sixty years of combined work experience as business and technical professionals with a long track record of successfully making technology work for businesses. Our team's background and experience as computing professionals has enabled us to successfully hold various progressive positions with direct, hands-on responsibilities for key technology areas. The management team represents our company's experience, knowledge, expertise and overall commitment to excellence.


Don Kirouac




As the co-founder of DBtek Solutions, Don Kirouac brings over 30 years of extensive technical, development and business experience in the computer industry. He has held numerous senior executive positions including: VP Research & Development, VP Operations. Prior to DBtek, Don co-founded a successful company providing technical solutions to the property management industry and was the company's chief technical officer. Don holds an Electrical Engineering (B.ASc.) degree from the University of Toronto.


Bill Kizovski

Executive Vice President



DBtek's co-founder Bill Kizovski has over 27 years of comprehensive business, technical and systems support experience in the computer industry. Bill has held various senior executive positions including: VP Systems Support for Minicom Data Corporation, VP Client Support for Newstar Technologies, and VP Information Technology for Playdium Entertainment Corporation. Bill obtained his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree from the University of Toronto where he studied Computer Science and Physics.